POSSE offers organizing services for three kinds of home projects:

  1. Dwell: Get your whole-home organized to stay in your house.
  2. Sell: Get organized to sell your current home.
  3. Move: Get organized for the big moving day and even after the move.

Professional Organizing Solutions When You Want to Dwell In Your Current Home

Image from DiggersListHave you been in your home for many years but somehow it isn’t the haven you’d love to own? Whether you are now an empty nester with lots of possessions in every room, a hard working professional who doesn’t have time to get your home contents in order during your rare leisure time, or a stay-at-home mom who can’t seem to get out from underneath the housework and clutter… we can help.

At POSSE we are excellent at helping you declutter what you don’t care for anymore and giving you solutions and systems that work just for you personality and your individual spaces. Following our private organizing sessions you will quickly appreciate your home instead of wanting to run away or not invite company over. Rather than moving or major construction, maybe all you need is a professional organizer’s plan to help you transition this domicile to your current lifestyle.

Professional Organizing Solutions When You Want to Sell Your Home

organized_to_sellHave you been in your home for a long time and now want out? Are you paralyzed with the thought of the “For Sale” sign going on your lawn because it means you got to go through your entire property full of content and clutter? At POSSE we help people in all shapes and sizes of properties properly prepare to sell. We help break this huge project down into bite-size pieces by helping our homeowners through the decision making in each room of the home so that every part of the house is ready and inviting for prospective buyers.

Our clients earn the most profit on their investment in a quick turnaround time because the houses we work in have been professionally decluttered, deeply cleaned and we can even stage too if you like.

Professional Organizing Solutions When You Want to Move

If you would like a professional service to destress you and walk you step by step in the disassembling of one home to another than POSSE is for you. We understand that moving is a life-transition and an incredible amount of work.

If you like, we can go through each room in your house helping to refine your belongings so you are only moving what you love, use and need. We become your “Rent a Daughter” – that trusted person who will lend you the energy, enthusiasm and knowledge it takes to palpably complete the tasks that need to be done before the moving truck arrives.

Please click here to see the kinds of services we offer when our clients are feeling dazed as the reality sinks in that it is time to pack the house.

“I couldn’t have pared down to downsize my home without Jean Marie and POSSE. We were under a tight timeframe, we had way too much to go through and disseminate — and the task was too overwhelming to even start – PERIOD.

Jean Marie came in and set the tone for letting go of the “things” that were weighing us down in a thoughtful, kind and focused approach – the whole time telling me how to change my thinking of what I had to keep. Her work ethic is as solid as they get – she arrives on time, on schedule, with all her tools ready to work and even carries stuff to the curb on her way out!In five, half-day sessions, we took the contents of two homes (a vacation home that had been sold several years prior to this move, and a decent sized Colonial) and organized the content making the move to a smaller home manageable and possible!I still hear her voice as I set up my new home, encouraging good habits from the beginning this time!

POSSE was a great find! I would recommend them in a heartbeat!”

~ Maureen S. – Pearl River, NY