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Jean Marie Herron, Certified Professional Organizer® and owner of POSSE, is available to hire for speaking. She offers talks on a variety of organizing and productivity topics. They can be customized for the needs and size of your audience as well as budget.

For more details on speaking information, please contact us at 201-406-9643 or utilize the form below.

POSSE’s Speaking Topics

7 Functional Office Fundamentals to Catapult Your Productivity

You’ll learn the 7 fundamentals in creating a functional office for both professional and personal purposes.

This workshop is designed to give the attendee the necessary tools and concepts for creating the infrastructure basic to both the physical space as well as time management information systems.

Clutter Busters that Promise to Keep You Relatively Organized

This presentation will give the audience ammunition to say, “enough is enough” and stay strong in our dealings with the myriad of items taking residence in our offices, homes, minds and calendars.

There are over 25 ever green organizing and productivity tips, tricks and mottos being taught in this one course. No one can always be perfectly organized in our information overloaded world and cluttered spaces but we can try to remain in relative balance with daily onslaught of chaos.

Detox Your Desk – Proper Placement of Paper Means Productivity


Whether you are a CEO or a solopreneur, one of the biggest organizational challenges today is keeping our desk and minds “in order”. Paper and information enter our physical and digital inboxes in droves and technology didn’t go paperless yet as promised.

In this presentation, Jean Marie Herron, CPO®, will teach the audience how to give your paper problems proper placement and “retrieval homes” so you never have to wonder where you put your information. Learning how to set up systems and lean on them will make any employee feel comfortable and confident to detox a desk and find the surface so real productivity can be part of the daily To-Do’s.

Organizing Starts in Kindergarten, What Happened?

Basic organizing skills are leaving the planet as the pace of technology attempts to pick up the concepts. But, one still has to live or work in a space conducive to function in order to feel comfortable and truly be productive. This presentation teaches the awareness that organizing is a skill that can be taught and learned. Jean Marie Herron transfers the basic recipe for any organizing endeavor. The audience will learn the 5 sequential steps that are key to order.

What Clients are Saying…

POSSE is the Pinnacle!

Jean Marie is an invaluable member/resource of the RealSource Assn. of REALTORS. She has shared her organizational expertise to many audiences here and receives rave reviews.

Jean Marie organizes and educates not only the members and staff at our Association but she also organized our working space for better productivity. Ultimate professional and just a lovely person to work with.

Suzan Koren, CEO
RealSource Association of Realtors®


Jean Marie Herron came to my company, Flavor & Fragrance Specialties, to do a Lunch & Learn called “Organizing 101.” She brought a wealth of organizing and productivity solutions to our organization. Even in a room full of chemists, she kept everyone focused and energized on what has the potential to be a dry topic. Jean Marie brought real-life solutions to common problems we all face, both in the workplace and at home. The staff was excited about what they learned, and returned to their offices motivated to put their desks in order and systems in place. I would recommend Jean Marie for any speaking opportunity requiring a passionate and motivating educator!

Tami Kramer
Corporate Communications Specialist
Flavor & Fragrance Specialties

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