How We Work

Our Office Hours are Flexible, but Mostly We Work:

Monday – Friday, 8:30 am-4:30 pm with special weekend hours by appointment only.

How Do I Get Organized? 5 Easy Steps…

  1. checklistPlease call 201-406-9643, email us or use our Contact Form to begin the process.
  2. Jean Marie Herron, CPO®, will call you back and we will have a phone conversation to ensure we are a good fit.
  3. Then an Assessment will be scheduled at your home. This takes approximately 1 hour and the cost is $79.
  4. Based on your needs, Jean Marie will describe how we can be instrumental in your organizing goals and time frame based on the individual scope of your project.
  5. Should you want to move forward with our services a customized package price will be offered. A signed contract and 50% deposit is required prior to securing organizing sessions.

Pricing and Packages

These sample packages are specifically designed for people transitioning in their current home. We offer a variety of Residential Organizing for all spaces in a house including home offices so don’t be afraid to ask for something you do not see below. Most of these organizing packages do not have a price attached to them since each house and client will have different needs, goals, budgets and deadlines. To determine the right organizing solution for you, schedule yourself an Assessment with POSSE.

Power Hours

Feeling a bit squeamish about committing to an organizing package? Then you can easily purchase POSSE’s private organizing by the session. We work in half-day blocks of time for $295 each session.

For the occasional client, or those with simple challenges, this might be the right stepping stone to your de-cluttering process.


Major Decluttering – Donate & Discard

Are you ready to purge? If your home or a loved one’s home needs a lot of clutter-clearing then this package is for you. It includes removing everything that you no longer want or need by way of donations to charities, possibly utilizing a junk removal service and/or sale resources.

This bundle of organizing sessions is usually for folks who have let decades go by without following the “One In, One Out” motto and are now drowning in possessions . This package is customized based on the size of your home and the scope of your project. Call for details and to schedule an Assessment.

Downsize, Upsize or “Right-Size”

right_sizeYes we said, “Right-Size”. This means having a professional organizer prepare your home as if you were moving, whether you are or not. If you have already moved, it means setting up your new home to function well for your lifestyle. The completion and purpose of this package is to simplify your home’s contents by only keeping that which you truly love, use or need. It’s all about keeping the quality of your possessions, not the quantity. We refine the spaces in your home so that you know exactly what you have and you know how to find it when you need it. Then when your house is in perfect order, if you like, we can tweak the aesthetics of what you already own to make it look beautiful by adding our design expert into the mix. Call for details and to schedule an Assessment.

Moving Magic

Have you decided to move and are just plain overwhelmed? POSSE can assist you in a variety of moving assistance. Here are just some of our offerings:

  • Create an Action Plan – a master To Do list of every task that needs to be done before you leave your home in “Broom Swept Condition” for the final inspection.
  • General organizing, decluttering and discarding so that you are ensured you are not bringing clutter to your new home nor paying a mover to move it.
  • Assist you with proper and professional resources to empty your house whether you need an estate sale, liquidation, charitable companies to pick up, junk removal services, deep cleaning, moving company etc.
  • Packing (and Unpacking) Services.
  • Move Management – Communicate with your chosen moving company through the transition of locations and oversee the moving company on moving day(s).
  • Organize and set up for your new home getting you out from under all those boxes quickly and efficiently but most importantly bringing proper function to your new spaces.

This package is always customized based on the size of your home and the scope of your project. Call for details and to schedule an Assessment.


POSSE would love to help you help yourself but first you need to contact us.

Jean Marie is an Exemplary Organizer whom I was so fortunate to have crossed paths with nearly four years ago. With a huge move coming from the West Coast, I had found myself overwhelmed with stuff. JM graciously offered me her business card and within a matter of a week we were working together. JM has a systematic approach to tackling all tasks! I am always amazed by the work that gets finished in such a short amount of time. Her time management skills, professional approach have been crucial to finalizing each project. My storage area was organized within 1 day! Belongings that I no longer needed or wanted were purged from my home. I didn’t have to think about where they were going, it was all taken care of! The professionalism that she exudes is refreshing. I trust her with my most confidential paperwork/ belongings. Jean Marie has given me great piece of mind, time and time again, project after project! JM stepped into my home and will forever hold a place in my heart.

Karen N., Franklin Lakes, NJ