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A Recent Letter From One of Our Clients…

Hi Jean Marie…

Sorry, I got a little distracted with our neighbor, when you were leaving. I had wanted to give you a goodbye hug. I really appreciated your help, along with your encouraging reminders of all that was and will continue to be accomplished.

Right after you left, I went back up to the bedroom/office and was looking at the two boxes (of CD’s) on top of the dresser that we hadn’t sorted…I thought of the “2 minute” rule and the “just do it” Nike commercial, and I’m happy to report…I completed that task. I then looked at the books I had decided to keep, and removed a bunch from the pile to add to my donation pile for Lupus…that concluded all the visual clutter in the office…felt good, real good!

When I came downstairs, I had to go in the pantry and was again reminded of “all” that was accomplished, since we began working together. Major areas: the pantry, the attic, the basement & the office…then, the small bathroom that I decluttered after our 1st session. Clothes from three bedrooms, items from the kitchen cabinets…lots of stuff donated to Lupus and Ditto for resale…sports memorabilia for a former co-worker & my best-friend’s grandson… memorabilia our children/grandchildren enjoyed looking at that resulted in “some” keepsakes for them, and thankfully (for our children) more throwaways than keepsakes…LOL!

All in all, I feel less burdened and less overwhelmed… knowing that I am not burdening our children w/this cleanup task. I’m enjoying the trip down memory lane with my many photos…I’m thrilled that my husband is happy with the progress and has fully embraced his job as Director of Shredding. Personally, I think this huge amount of shredding gives him “Hope” that this purging/decluttering just may last this time!

He asked me, when you were coming again and I said: we’re done for now, and he mentioned the main floor. I then asked: “what’s wrong with the downstairs?” and his quick response was the Christmas decorations…I said: “Hon…I can, put away decorations!” I guess he’s remembering last year and how the filled boxes of decorations remained stacked in the dining room for most of the year…because, I was going to “first” declutter the attic. Never happened, but what did happen was that I became increasingly depressed. My husband is a man of few words, but his non-verbal’s speak volumes. I don’t think he fully embraced all we decluttered this past month, even though he saw the many bags of garbage put at the curb and was fully aware of my many trips to the Lupus warehouse. What he did witness first-hand, was me (sitting with him in the evening) purging two desk drawers of outdated paper and creating current files, properly labeled… I guess he’s liking the end results and wants it to continue.

Now, I just pray to keep the momentum moving forward…I needed someone other than my husband or friend to help me. For me, what made this work was a combination of paying for the service, having some “mutual” control of what stays and what goes, but mostly with being sick and tired of being sick and tired. I could not will myself to do this alone, I didn’t want a friend or relative helping me…yet, I was willing and ready to work with outside help. You, Jean Marie, were my light at the end of a very dark tunnel… thank you!

Your suggestion with regard to a calendar for appointments, a daily to do list, a tickler file and the medical journal were great suggestions… but, I couldn’t have done them without first decluttering…the clutter overpowered everything in my life, even all my many, many blessings. I like slogans/tips to inspire me… I have been using the 2 minute rule.

I’ll close by sharing an experience I had with the medical journal, after only two entries. Today was my second trip to a doctor’s appt. with the journal. I called the doctor’s office on Wednesday for an appointment today (Thursday). I was given a few time choices and took 3:30, because of us working together from 10am-1pm. When we arrived at the office to check in, the receptionist mentioned the appointment was for 3…I responded by saying, I thought it was for 3:30. There was never any doubt that my husband would be seen, but I decided to pull out my book to check, and then showed the receptionist that I had written down 3:30, the mutually agreed upon time. I knew I was right, but my calendar confirmed that… LOL On a more serious note, I really like the idea of the medical journal…it takes all the “stuff” I try to remember and rarely do out of my head and onto the paper to be forgotten, until needed. This tip alone was a “super” suggestion… Thanks, Jean Marie.

Once again, sincerely… THANK YOU,
PS: Hubby, just asked me what I was doing and I said: I was writing you a thank you note and he said: “She sure moves quickly.” I’m pretty sure that was meant to be a compliment… like I said: my husband is a man of few words… probably, why we’re still married, after more than 50 yrs… LOL

~ Carol, Passaic County Resident