Don’t Touch Me Unless You Mean It

Last month I presented my Clutter Busters class to a couple of different audiences. Both times I used the picture above in my presentation. Now time management usually isn’t quite as exciting as a romantic, candlelit dinner for two so I needed to grab your attention.  But, just like you might not want to start […]

Fatal Distractions (for Mass Destruction of Your Time Management!)

I remember watching the move Fatal Attraction. I thought it was very scary and that it taught me don’t ever have an extramarital affair! Nowadays what scares me as a professional organizer and a mother and wife, is the amount of time people are on their devices outside of work.

“Dads and Grads” – Multi-Layer Your Summer Parties!

My sister-in-law Kate and her husband Bobby started a great tradition years ago that is now coined “Dads and Grads” party. On, or about Father’s Day, she hosts a great backyard party to celebrate all the fathers in our large extended families, but it also includes all the new graduates from middle school through graduate […]

Love Your Sundays

We have a new priest at our church and he always opens Mass with “Happy Sunday”. I love that! In our hectic world Sunday should be a slice of sanity. When I was a little girl my Nanny (my grandmother who I wrote about in last month’s newsletter) made a large “Sunday Dinner” each week. […]

Do You Have “FOMO”?

If you do, it can wreak havoc on your time management! I was introduced to this phrase “FOMO” about six months ago when my 12-year-old son used it. FOMO stands for “Fear of Missing Out”. He told me this fear was real to him. I was thinking, “Really, how could a pre-teen already sense he […]

Ghastly Minute Muggers…Maybe Even Hours!

I could give you all kinds of statistics based on what the average American spends  his/her time on but this month I’d like you give you the professional organizer’s spin on where I see my clients time management fly out the window on a proverbial broom stick: Telephone Television Email Shopping Internet These five topics […]

Never Regret “The Night Before”

As racy as the article title suggests, this is really a mini lesson in Time Management! Since I was a little girl I have been preparing “The Night Before” for all of my tomorrows. I’m going to copy verbatim what one of my favorite books, The Success Principles, says about this very subject. Jack Canfield […]

5 Must Have Time Management Tools

Here are 5 ideas to strongly consider (or reinforce if you already use them) into your time management. They will make you more productive and maximize your minutes.