Go to Your PIT’s for Productivity

My colleague and friend, Sharon Danzger who wrote Super-Productive 120 Strategies to Do More and Stress Less, were chatting over coffee. She was speaking to the fact that most people do not use a To-Do List. I had to grinningly admit, I’ve probably used a To-Do List since I was in middle school and then graduated […]

These Are a Few of My Favorite… Stores (For Organizing of Course)

Welcome to retail madness this month. Can you hear Julie Andrews singing, “These are a few of my favorite things” right now as the background music in most stores? Well, I know everyone is out shopping this month so I thought I’d write about my favorite places to shop for fun and non-utilitarian looking organizing supplies. […]

June is for Jewels

Did you ever notice that in summertime people wear less clothes but more jewelry? The warmer the weather, the more skin available for more “bling”. That being said, I wonder how much of most people’s sparkly jewelry is valuable and if they have those pieces are insured. (Yes, these are the kinds of questions a […]

Spice Up Your… February

How many spices do you really use? Come on, be honest… and now count how many you actually own in your kitchen. Go ahead, count. I’ll wait. What does the math tell you? In my 10+ years as a PO, I have helped many women toss hundreds of expired, unused and unnecessary spices into the […]

Woo Woo or Science?

This summer I experienced another death in my immediate family. That makes three close relationships gone in one year. A Lot for my brain, heart and body to adjust to. I tell you this because sometimes life hands us events beyond our control but what we can control or at least sway and often minimize […]

Resource of the Month – Memory Quilts

It’s almost t-shirt weather! So if you happen to be changing out your closets (or your children’s or husband’s clothes) and realizing that your family has all kinds of t-shirts they don’t wear anymore because these shirts are actually more “memorabilia” then everyday clothing, may I highly suggest having a Memory Quilt made? Transform your […]

Sunscreen for Identity Theft

I keep meeting more and more clients who have been affected by identity theft. So before you head out of town this summer put on an extra-layer of protection not just for your skin but for your personal and financial identification.


Below is POSSE’s favorite “Go-To” stores and online websites for organizing homes and home offices. TIP #1: Enjoy and only shop from a list. TIP #2: Additionally, be sure when you buy a vessel, container, bin, box, shelving, cubby, etc… that you know what you are going to put in it first, not the other […]