It’s Been How Long Since You’ve Updated Your Will?

I got one of those voice messages last month that you never forgot. You probably know the kind, it’s the inflection of the messenger that when you listen to the recording, you think to yourself that something terrible has happened and the person leaving you the message desperately needs to talk to you in person… […]

Organizing Mom Over the Summer

Before this summer I wrote personally about my mother’s situation and how I hired a professional organizer in Florida to help her. My mom had lost her partner last July after 25 years of togetherness and is handicapped to boot. When she came to visit this me this summer, it was such a whirlwind of […]

Reflect & Refocus & Reorganize

In October of 2015 I wrote about “The Mass Distraction and Destruction“ of our time management that we are all dealing with in this digital day. One way I like to combat this myself is to have several “still” minutes in the morning and in the evening DAILY to stay grounded and sane. Then ANNUALLY, […]

“Dads and Grads” – Multi-Layer Your Summer Parties!

My sister-in-law Kate and her husband Bobby started a great tradition years ago that is now coined “Dads and Grads” party. On, or about Father’s Day, she hosts a great backyard party to celebrate all the fathers in our large extended families, but it also includes all the new graduates from middle school through graduate […]

Going, Going, Gone…to an Auction House!

Recently, my Northern New Jersey Chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) held a “field trip” at Nye & Co. in Bloomfield. I wanted to share my first experience at this auction house with you my readers. I have a secret — until recently, none of POSSE’s clients had ever inquired about this […]

Lucky 7 for Tax Archival

I personally like to keep my tax returns and back-up materials for 7 years. I keep one bankers box in my attic. Inside the box there are 7 “box bottom” hanging file folders labeled: 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 Inside each hanging folder are my tax returns and back up materials for that […]

Love Your Sundays

We have a new priest at our church and he always opens Mass with “Happy Sunday”. I love that! In our hectic world Sunday should be a slice of sanity. When I was a little girl my Nanny (my grandmother who I wrote about in last month’s newsletter) made a large “Sunday Dinner” each week. […]

Reviewing The Past Helps You To Organize The Future

One of the things I like to do around New Year’s is to go through my filing cabinets. I find that when I review my personal and professional files it helps me do more than de-clutter my papers, it also frees my mind. Looking over my files is like “The Year in Review” but I […]

It’s a Shame to Blame

I flew to Nashville two weeks ago to see my sister graduate as a Family Nurse Practitioner. I was very excited as we entered Tennessee State University for the Hooding Ceremony. I had been looking forward to this celebration for months. Then something happened that irked me as a person and a professional organizer.

How Do You “Organize” Love?

What does this question mean you might ask? Well, I was thinking that as we age in our relationships with our loved ones, it seems that it gets harder to find time do the nice things (you could even call them tasks although they don’t feel like that in the beginning of a relationship). In […]