Did You Know… You Are 7 Times More Likely to Achieve Your Goals IF You Write Them Down

In January I usually give different kinds of productivity presentations because the New Year lends itself to the topic of resolutions. One of the most popular resolutions usually being, to get organized. This year I noticed that when I asked my audiences who had written their goals down, not one person raised his/her hand. I […]

Go to Your PIT’s for Productivity

My colleague and friend, Sharon Danzger who wrote Super-Productive 120 Strategies to Do More and Stress Less, were chatting over coffee. She was speaking to the fact that most people do not use a To-Do List. I had to grinningly admit, I’ve probably used a To-Do List since I was in middle school and then graduated […]

The Upside to a Corporate Downsize

(What this CPO® learned while her husband was out of work…) It was almost a year ago that my husband’s company informed him that his position was going to be dissolved. So for most of 2016 he has been out of work and home full-time. This was a definite lesson in patience for our entire […]

“Frients” and “Frolleagues”

I was excited to read in the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) 2016 Spring Newsletter’s Letter from President Ellen Faye, a bit about her visit to our local New Jersey meeting last year. She quoted me on my description of the many “Frients and “Frolleagues” I’ve met in the organizing business. She loved my […]

Mahwah Businesswoman Celebrates Decade In Professional Organizing

Jean Marie was recently interviewed by the local paper regarding POSSE’s 10-Year anniversary, see the interview here: Mahwah Businesswoman Celebrates Decade In Professional Organizing

Fabulous Feng Shui for Your Holiday…

By Lois Kramer-Perez, CHt. Here we are amidst the holiday season once again. It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of it all, we can find ourselves moving so quickly, we are not even aware of what is happening that we may miss the joy connecting to the moments, […]

Happy 10th Anniversary POSSE!

In September of 2004, I stood in my kitchen trying to contemplate the next chapter of my life. I had two children under the age of five and I had promised myself and my husband that when they went to school I would go back to work. But what would I do? That was the […]

Decision Making Leads to Happiness

In order to get organized one must make decisions. Making decisions leads to action. Action takes one from dormant to proactive. Proactivity stimulates our brains and gets us on the right track. I’ve noticed several common comments when I have completed an organizing job: I feel like I’ve lost 20 pounds. I’m finally getting this […]

How Do You “Organize” Love?

What does this question mean you might ask? Well, I was thinking that as we age in our relationships with our loved ones, it seems that it gets harder to find time do the nice things (you could even call them tasks although they don’t feel like that in the beginning of a relationship). In […]

The Luck of the… Organizer

I posted this last year, but because it is so relevant, I want to share it again with you…. My husband and I will be married a lucky 13 years this month. We got married as close to St. Patrick’s Day as possible because I was marrying an Irishman. There’s a shamrock that hangs in […]