Moving Mom…

Many of you might remember that two years ago I wrote about Organizing Mom. That was the summer my mother lost her partner Don whom she had been with for over 25 years, the last 12 years in Florida. The article reflected the organizing tasks taken when one falls into a widow’s situation. This summer I […]

Santa Has a List, How About You?

Santa has a very long task list this month. How about you? Are you keeping master checklists to get yourself smoothly through December? Lists are excellent tools to help us get things done. Last month POSSE reminded you about our Holiday Binder. Here are my personal lists that keep Jean Marie sane during the Christmas […]

Are You Ready?

September is National Preparedness Month so I wanted to review a few tips since many of my clients are unprepared for any event that brings down their electrical power or wreaks havoc on their houses. Here is a link to the FEMA checklist on how to prepare yourself and your home for a disaster. I’m […]