The Year of Rightsizing (Especially if you are NOT moving!)

Usually getting organized is right up there with exercise or weight loss on people’s New Year Resolutions List. As an organizer, I know that it’s people’s ability to create and sustain a new habit that solidifies her/his reaching any goal — let alone changing a lifestyle for either one’s physical clutter or body clutter. So, […]

These Are a Few of My Favorite… Stores (For Organizing of Course)

Welcome to retail madness this month. Can you hear Julie Andrews singing, “These are a few of my favorite things” right now as the background music in most stores? Well, I know everyone is out shopping this month so I thought I’d write about my favorite places to shop for fun and non-utilitarian looking organizing supplies. […]

See It, Like It, Buy It!

But Wait, the Organizer Exclaims… We all know the holidays will be here shortly and that means shopping. I know you will be shopping for others, but let’s be honest and admit that we also see things we would like for ourselves — which reminds me of a client story I’d like to share… I have […]

The Upside to a Corporate Downsize

(What this CPO® learned while her husband was out of work…) It was almost a year ago that my husband’s company informed him that his position was going to be dissolved. So for most of 2016 he has been out of work and home full-time. This was a definite lesson in patience for our entire […]

Organizing Mom Over the Summer

Before this summer I wrote personally about my mother’s situation and how I hired a professional organizer in Florida to help her. My mom had lost her partner last July after 25 years of togetherness and is handicapped to boot. When she came to visit this me this summer, it was such a whirlwind of […]

Helping the Elderly Downsize

Check out this great article titled “Helping the Elderly Downsize” from The Times July 22, 2016 edition. As a Professional Organizer, “Senior Move Manager” is one of my roles as a PO. Take a look at how we work here.

Even the Organizer Hired an Organizer

My mother lost her partner Don almost a year ago. They were together close to 25 years. Due to complications from a prior stroke my mom decided after Don’s passing that it was best to relocate out of their second floor condo to ranch-style living that would best accommodate her physical impairments. She has almost […]

June is for Jewels

Did you ever notice that in summertime people wear less clothes but more jewelry? The warmer the weather, the more skin available for more “bling”. That being said, I wonder how much of most people’s sparkly jewelry is valuable and if they have those pieces are insured. (Yes, these are the kinds of questions a […]


Making-It-Home ( brings home furnishings to low-income families in need — veterans, people with disabilities, victims of natural disasters, and more. They are currently furnishing the apartments of formerly homeless people who are moving from emergency shelter to apartments. Frank is a 27-year veteran who served two tours in Iraq. He is a member of […]

SSPOE Your Pet’s “Stuff”

This spring is a good time to review POSSE’s basic organizing recipe SSPOE. Even though I am going to use pets as a category of possessions as my example, the principles are the same and transferable for all organizing skills. So, think about your pet(s). What kinds of things do they require you to keep […]