POSSE is a Certified Professional Organizing Company based in Bergen County NJ specializing in “whole-home” decluttering for true residential organization whether our clients are dwelling, selling or moving.

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Have you been in your house for years, but it still doesn’t feel quite like a haven? Is it so cluttered and disorganized that you really don’t want to spend time there? If you would you like to untangle all the disorganization in your current space and fall in love with your home, you’ve come to the right professional.

POSSE can help you get organized and put function and clarity in place so you can come home to peace and calm. We can even prepare maintenance packages to keep your home decluttered.

Have you been living in your house for years and now want to sell, but the thought of going through every room full of possessions paralyzes you? Are you looking to properly and professionally organize your property so you can start over in some place new while earning the most profit selling?

POSSE’s professional organizing services can help you declutter and organize your home before you go on the market, making sure to earn the most you can while preparing for a smooth move.

Moving is something most people dread, but not when you have the help of a Certified Professional Organizer. We can help you with the hundreds of decisions about what to take, pack, donate, sell, junk, recycle and shred amongst many other tasks properly organizing your move.

POSSE can help you prioritize all your moving To Do’s. We can even work right alongside you on moving day and then be instrumental in the unpacking and setting up of your new home.

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POSSE can arrange all kinds of estate sales resources to fit your needs, whether in person or online.

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Our organizing company can be instrumental in helping homeowners declutter the contents of their house. Not only do you make money on the sale but you can save hundreds in disposal costs.

Please join POSSE as Jean Marie Herron presents:

Taking Control of Clutter in Your Home

Where: Senior Source
Riverside Square Mall, Hackensack
When: Wednesday, May 23rd, 1:30 pm
Free: No cost to attend

Come learn the many clutter busters that Certified Professional Organizer®, Jean Marie Herron, teaches seniors as they transition into their mature years.

It certainly gets harder for many to stay afloat among the accumulation of household items as the decade’s roll by. You will walk away with a new toolbox of ideas that you can immediately implement in your own home.